How to grow fresh organic Methi on your terrace

Step 1:

Preparation of pot: Take a Pot make sure that your pot contains holes in the bottom for the excess water drench out. Cover the holes with jelly stones or broken pot pieces or coconut shell pics which avoids blocking and drains excess water.

Step 2:

Fill the pot with enriched soil media “PRITHVI” up to brim level leaving behind 2 cm from the top.

Step 3:

Nutrient application: After filling the pot with PRITHVI, apply 2 spoon of Root Growth Promoter and 2 spoon gm for each pot, mix it well with top soil and level it.

Step 4:

Seeds sowing: Sprinkle the seeds and cover with soil media.

Step 5:

After sowing, dissolve 1 spoon Organic Soil Sterilizer in 1 ltr of water to drench the solution to the soil. Repeat the same for each pot.

Step 6:

Water the pot regularly to keep the media always moist.

Step 7:

Take precaution and avoid over watering which may lead to failure of the crop.

Step 8:

Keep the pot in semi shade and away from direct sunlight till seeds germinate.

Step 9:

It make take 4 to 6 days for germination. After the germination shift the pot for direct sun light.

Step 10:

Plant health: After 1st week of germination take ½ of water add 2.5 ml Organic Pest Controller in a sprayer using dropper ½ spoon of Organic Disease Controller shake well and spray on both the sides of the leaves. Do not over spray the remaining diluted solution can be equally distributed among the all the pots.

Step 11:

Spraying is advice every week when the atmosphere is cool this is to avoid evaporation Organic Soil Sterilizer & can be inadequate to the required dosage. 

Step 12:

2nd week germination take 1.5 ml Complete Plant Nutrient using dropper and add to the above solution spray on the both surfaces of the leaves.

Step 13:

After 20 days of germination dissolve 3 spoon of Garden Mixture, 3 spoons of Root Growth Promoter for each pot. Mix it well with top soil & level it. Moist the soil media with water.

Step 14:

At the stage of harvesting (30 to 45 days) cut the leaves carefully without damaging the root.