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Botanical Name: Capsicum frutescens

Green chillies are used as a spice in Indian cuisine and are one of the daily used vegetable in kitchens. It comes with different colours, shape and size. Hot climate is directly proportional to the spice level in the fruits. Prefers hot climate

Sowing season: Grows well in summers, but can be grown throughout the year.

Sowing method: Direct sowing to pots/ grow bags (3-4 seeds/ bag) or Transplanting

Germination time: 8-10 days after sowing. Transplanting 1 month old sapling

Growing Containers: Pots/ Grow bags/ Plots with minimum 12 inches depth

Growing Soil Media: Organic rich Soil media like Prithvi Potting Mix

Harvesting time: Multiple harvests upto 6 months, depending on maintenance. 1st harvest comes at 8-10 weeks after sowing.
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