Terrace Gardening : A Green Trend in Bengaluru!

Bengaluru is now-a-days losing the "Garden City" title due to an increase in Industrialization and the city is on the verge of becoming a Concrete city leaving no place for the people to have a garden of their own!

Apart from this increasing Pollution, matchstick busy lifestyle and traffic has made people stressful! Organic Gardening is a hobby which many would like to have as this is a relaxing and stress-free healthy exercise. For all these Enthusiasts, Terrace Gardening is a way to grow their own food and maintain greenery around them.

Terrace/Urban Farming breaks all the myths of space requirement for growing Fruits, Vegetables at any available space! Yes, you heard it right! With required amount of Sunlight and materials with a little keen interest, Fruits, Vegetables or even leafy vegetables can be grown on any building today.

Using available plant containers, one can grow anything and everything from leafy salad greens to Mangoes at their terraces. Generally used containers are Bags, Drums, Buckets, Planter boxes (You can even buy these plant containers/growbags online here.).

Using the right kind of vegetable seeds for every grow bags or containers. You must know which container/grow bags to use for each seed. You can buy seeds online here or from a store offline.

Benefits of growing your own food :

1. 'Let thy food be your Medicine' is an old saying. Fruits and vegetables, we eat now are already contaminated so much with chemicals. Many preservatives are being added to increase the shelf life and the color of food. Terrace gardening allows you to grow safe, fresh vegetables and also let you Harvest your own food.

2. Chemical free food : Growing food in your own space can help you get chemical free food. You will know the source of food. Whenever in need, just pluck from the plants and add it to your plate. Nothing tastes better than Homegrown food.

3. Gardening for Physical Health : Gardening is no less than working out in gym! Working in garden can help you stretch all your muscles of all parts of your body, which helps in keeping you physically fit.

4. Gardening for Mental Health : Research shows that, Gardening is associated with lowering Stress hormone like Cortisol and increasing happy hormones like serotonin. Gardening activity is also proved in treating people suffering from Alzheimer's and Depression.

5. Natural Air Conditioner : Plants have the ability to cool the temperatures in their surroundings by 6-8 degree Celsius. Terrace gardening/farming has the ability to bring down the temperature in building by absorbing the heat and insulating the building.

6. Home for many birds : Due to the buildings and shedding down of trees and plants, birds have been abandoned and have no place to live and they die of starvation too. Growing few trees and keeping bird baths, a garden can become a home for many city-weary birds and butterflies!

7. Aesthetic appearance : Your empty terrace/balcony spaces can be beautifully converted to a green space to sit, relax and breathe some fresh air. Gardening also brings one, closer to Nature.

Grow green and enjoy the benefits of Gardening!

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