People in urban cities are now gaining their interest in growing their own food and also increasing greenery around them! Terrace Gardening is found to be an apt solution for all those who are finding space as a constraint to grow vegetables.

If you still haven't started Vegetable gardening here are few tips to keep in mind while beginning your new journey:

1. Decide the space of your home gardening : Make sure there is enough natural light entering that space. As sunlight is an important factor to grow vegetables, select a place where you get a good amount of sunlight (more than 4 hours of direct sunlight).

2. Choose Plant Containers/grow bags wisely : Container size decides good growth and in return the yield! Shallow rooted plants like leafy green prefer 6' depth, fruit vegetables (Tomato, Chilly, Capsicum etc.) require 12' depth and creeper vegetables grow well in container size of 18 inches. Any durable containers with equal width with good drainage conditions can be used for growing vegetables.

3. Potting Soil : In plant container gardening, medium plays a very vital role! Since there will be limited sources for the plant to grow in container gardening, the soil media used must be rich in organic matter. Only red soil in the pots is also not recommended as the soil gets hardened and drained off of all nutrients quickly making the roots difficult to breathe and grow. You can buy organic potting soil online here.

Ideal potting mix must have the combinations Red soil (For root support), Cocopeat (For water holding and aeration) and compost (To add organic matter/nutrients to plants). You can also add browns to enhance the organic matter in the media!

Once your place, soil, and the container is ready start sowing your favorite veggies! If you are a beginner start with easy growing vegetables like Palak, Radish, Mint etc.

4. Start Small : It is always to start small, easy and then starts expanding your garden to fill up all your space! This gives you confidence Start Small : It is always to start small, easy and then starts expanding your garden to fill up all your space!

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