Gardening is a hands-on activity where in, we refresh our minds along with taking good care of plants, both have to be given equal prominence.

A gardener can make use of few tools to make his/her work easier and maintain the garden in a better condition. If you have a home garden/terrace garden or planning to have one, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, we have listed 5 Garden tools which make your Gardening work easy and efficient;

1. Hand Cultivator

Hand Cultivator is generally used for loosening of the soil inside the container. This Tool has 3 metal prongs that look like a Hen Claw with a plastic holder.

This is very handy tool for loosening of soil, mix manure to the pots, prepare potting soil before sowing and mixing of waste in compost bins!

2. Garden Secateurs

Garden Secateurs is one of the must-have tools in the garden which can be used for trimming, pruning of plants, and removal of dead and diseased twigs.

Secateurs must be sharp, strong enough to cut/trim branches or twigs of plants.

3. Trowel

Trowel is a must-have tool in your home garden. Trowel is an elongated spoon like a metal tool with a sharp edge. It is a multipurpose tool used for digging small holes, planting, transferring of potting soil.

4. Water Can

Watering is very crucial which decides the good growth of plants. Water cans in terrace gardening are handy tools used for watering the small gardens.

It comes with a Rose head which regulates the force of water. By using water can, the soil media remains undisturbed and minimizes the loss of potting soil and excess water usage

5. Sprayer

Sprayer is a tool used for spraying any liquid nutrients and medicines to keep the pest and disease away from plants. It must be used for the uniform distribution in form of micro droplets which can avoid over drenching of water at one place.

There are many more tools available in the market like Weeder, Transplanter, Garden Rake, Aprons, Hand Gloves, Knives, Kurpi etc. to make work easier and your hands less dirty.

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