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Bio Organic Manure - 1 kg

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Bio Organic Manure - 1 kg
It’s a coir pith based organic manure containing neem cake, castor cake, Pongamia cake, vermicompost along with nitrogen fixing microbes, phosphate solubilizer, potassium mobilizer and bio pesticides.

Benefits of using the product
• This improves soil structure, texture, fertility and water holding capacity.
• It improves root proliferation and root health.
• It controls soil borne pests and diseases.
• Bio Organic Manure is nontoxic and Ecofriendly.

Steps on “How, when and why to Use product?”
• Loosen the top soil and add two handful of manure to a medium sized pot.
• Sprinkle water to make the media moist
• Apply the manure once in a month.
• For repotting purpose, Add Bio Organic Manure with the existing potting soil and mix well
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