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IN-HOUSE R&D CENTRE (Recognised by D.S.I.R., Government of India), ISO recognized and NABL Accredited Centre – (in due course)

Our Lab is a composite laboratory – which caters to the needs of farming community and also judges the quality of our own fertilizers as per FCO regulations.

Multiplex Lab is a well equipped testing lab – with modern, heavy duty and fast analyzing equipments so that the capacity and accuracy of testing is enhanced.

We Analyze/ Test – Soil, Water, Plant/Leaf, Organic manures and Fertilizers – thus giving a soil test based fertilizer use recommendation.



SOIL TESTING is well recognized as a sound scientific tool to assess inherent power of soil to supply nutrients. INTEGRATED NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT is a well accepted approach for sustainable management of soil productivity and increased crop production. To implement this approach successfully we have a well equipped testing lab in order to evaluate the nutrient supplying capacities of various sources. The nutrient elements have to be available to the crops in quantities as required for a yield target. Any limiting or deficient nutrient (or nutrients) will limit crop growth. Hence all this leads to SOIL HEALTH MANAGEMENT.

At present – our charges are the least in the market in this field as it is a SERVICE RENDERING unit.



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