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Dr. G.P. Shetty, visionary agricultural scientist started ‘Multiplex Group’ in 1974 to improve soil health, provide balanced nutrition and reduce vulnerability of crops to pests and diseases.

Dr.Shetty observed that deteriorating soil health in agriculture field was due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers / pesticides. Through his extensive research he recognized micro nutrient deficiency and the loss of organic matter in the soil.

To address this serious issue Dr. Shetty set up a manufacturing company to produce and supply micronutrients and organic manure to enrich soil fertility for better crops and to improve overall quality of life of the farming community. From a humble beginning of a single company today the group has grown to host of other ventures in India & overseas.

Backed by this rich field experience, Multiplex has initiated a novel concept called Multiplex Urban Green (MUG) for the benefit of urbanites.Urbanites hardly get chemical pesticide free vegetables in the markets. To meet the growing need of organic food and concern for the health of urbanities, Multiplex group has pioneered a novel concept of growing vegetables in the terrace/balcony or back yard.





 Create joy of nurtring vegetables and flowers in urban homes by providing organic & environmental friendly products & services. Actively  engage & support the     cause of “go green grow green” initiative.






Karnataka Agro chemicals (1974)

KARNATAKA AGRO CHEMICALS was promoted in the year 1974 by Dr.G.P.Shetty, a Doctorate in Plant Physiology and Plant Nutrients. We manufacture Multi Micronutrients Fertilizer to meet the nutrients deficiency of various crops.Our products under the brand name ‘MULTIPLEX’ is very popular among the farming community in the country. We have products for almost all the crops viz. agricultural, horticultural and plantation crops. Our products are field tested and certified by various agricultural research institutions and universities in the country.



                                                 Multiplex Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd. (1992)

                                                       This unit currently caters to marketing of seeds






Multiplex Agri care Pvt. Ltd. (1996)

We manufacture chemical pesticides at our state of the art manufacturing facility at Tumkur, Karnataka. Our products have a pan India presence and also trusted by farmers.






Mystique Apparels (India) Pvt. Ltd. (1997)

We are leading manufacturers of men’s apparels for leading brands. We are equipped with the latest technology to provide the best quality apparels.





Multiplex Bio-tech Pvt. Ltd. (2000)

we manufacture wide range of Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides and Organic Manure - Annapurna. Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides are available both in the form of powder and Liquid and the products are becoming quite popular among the farmers in the country.





Anshul Agro chemicals (2005)

We manufacture wide range of micro nutrients for curbing the deficiency in crops. We started as a small entity and today we have a multi micro nutrient for every type of crop.